PF Changs China Bistro ~ Culinary Cuisine Dreamed up by a Master ~ Mark Miller

Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe… What’s not to love about that one?

Started by the very talented Mark Miller, the restaurant’s just changed hands. Still, it’s said that Mark Will be around to continue to guide it.

When I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico in September of 2006, Mark and I (with Dave Pramuk of Robert Biale Vineyards) met in his restaurant. He completely caught us up on all his doings, which would leave anyone sane breathless. He was not only cooking here and there, but he’s managing the openings of the PF Chang restaurants everywhere, as well as other similar chains.

In the PF Changs China Bistro restaurants, I feel his spirit of the Wild West meeting his travels to the Far East.

First experiencing PF Changs with Greg Lint of Oak Knoll Winery while in Oregon, I came to understand how delicious this chain is, after listening to Mark’s waxing poetic when he told Dave and I about his projects.

So, lots of gossip… all historically related to how I finally got to the fairly newly opened PF Changs in Corte Madera, California.

The menu has lots to choose from, all healthy and fresh. When my Celiac daughter got her Sweet & Sour Chicken delivered, and it was breaded, she asked for the same without flour batter/deep fat fried chicken. It was immediately taken away, and returned about 20 minutes later, just as I had prepared it for her when she was growing up. She actually asked if it was batter fried when she ordered it, and told that it wasn’t. So, she had to press forward in order to be able to eat her meal.

Meanwhile, the chefs unquestioningly delivered what she was expecting, and her meal was fabulous. It’s this kind of service that’s so important in any restaurant dining experience for anyone Finickie… and there are lots of us in the world.

If you love Asian cuisine, this is on the “A” list for any Finickie Foodie. Imagine lettuce wraps for vegetarians and/or carnivores… Mark Miller thought of everything.

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