Gluten Free Dining at PF Changs ~ Who Knew?

Having just dined at the Corte Madera PF Changs, on a very busy Saturday evening, we had a wonderful experience. I decided to Email the restaurant’s management, because – as we all know – feedback is generally when someone’s all irritated about something that didn’t meet his or her expectations.

So, on 2008-05-20 I wrote the following:
“I just gave you publicity on a food blog that I recently launched. I’m in the wine business, and have a wine blog ( My wine blog gets over 20,000 hits a month. I miss not being able to also talk about food (because the other is so focused on wine as a wine publicist), so I’ve just launched I know Mark Miller, the design consultant/restaurateur who has played a major role in developing the PF Changs chain. I just blogged about our excellent service – given the challenges that my family/party always presents… having so many allergies and food aversions. Your staff was excellent, and deserves the spot light. Enjoy!

For me, it’s an amazing thing to actually have someone actually get back to me. I write tons of things, give people publicity wherever I go. Many of my comments seem to go into a black hole. When they don’t, I know I’ve found a keeper! I just received the following thoughtful response from one of the Corte Madera partners, Nicole Thornberg.

Dear Jo, Thank you so much for the positive comments that you have posted for us on both you web site and your blog. I have not had an opportunity to read much of your blog but I did enjoy what you had to say on you web site It was also refreshing to see the main image from our new website posted as well, it is a new look for us and the exposure is a wonderful help. I am also glad to hear that our gluten free menu was able to help you with your family`s allergies and dietary restrictions. I’ve tried the Sweet and Sour Chicken without batter as well and it is delicious but I have some other great recommendations for those with celiac disease that you might be interested in. Our Singapore Street noodles for instance are my absolute favorite off of our Gluten free menu and are great for kids as well. As I`m sure you know, we have some other wonderful selections so explore and enjoy. Thank you again for your time and your wonderful compliments, and if there is ever anything you need don`t hesitate to contact either myself or my partner in the Corte Madera store, David Bromberger.


Nicole Thornburg
Market Partner

Now, there’s a great response about the restaurant having a gluten free menu. We didn’t know that at the time of our visit, or we wouldn’t have thought twice… My daughter would have asked for the gluten free version, and I would have also been thrilled to read it. I know, having raised my children on stir-frying their dinners meals, I would have found some of my really favorite foods there… Just based on Nicole’s recommendations.

Thanks, Nicole… Now we all know!

2 responses to “Gluten Free Dining at PF Changs ~ Who Knew?

  1. JO: great idea for a website. here’s hoping that you pick up lots of readers and commentators…

  2. Thanks, Fred! This site is just a place where I can honor great dining experiences. As you know, I enjoy giving credit where credit is due!

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