Eating Well ~ Where Good Taste Meets Good Health

The cover of Eating Well magazine is so gorgeous for the June 2008 issue… Not because I need another magazine, nor even want one; but because the current cover’s issue is so delicious, I just bought it!

The cover put me over the top.

For someone as finickie as I am, less is always more. The simplistic image made my soul hungry… and I ate with my eyes.

Succulent green peas in an equally appealing pea pod with tendrils embracing the concept… So inviting that I spent $4.99 without even thinking about what I was doing… Which is giving myself even more to read – in an environment of over-reading and over-writing.

So, food for thought…

I’ve long loved this magazine, because of its simple approach to food.

“How Much Could You Eat if You Didn’t Have That Drink” on Page 14…

  • Pina Colada = 403 calories
  • Margarita = 375 calories
  • Beer = 153 calories
  • the list goes on, and it tells you what you could have had that’s an equal caloric amount

Pulling for Pollination on Page 16… The buzz is we need those bees, if you’ve been living in a cave!

And then, Page 45… Nutrition ~ News to live by… “DRINK WINE:”

Okay… I’m in heaven and off to read some more. If you’re one of us, this magazine is pure food for thought… and will sustain you in so many ways beyond calories and cholesterol.

¡Buen Provecho!

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