Sushi to Dai for ~ It’s all in the spelling

If you only hear the name of this restaurant, and not see the spelling, the name strikes a reluctant chord in your head for not wanting to go there…

As someone who doesn’t eat fish (of any kind), there’s also a reluctance – one would think – for a non-fish eater to want to go to any sushi house.

Anyone who’s finicky will tell you, however, in every restaurant there’s at least one dish that we can find that we’ll end up loving and ordering over-and-over again in any restaurant, Sushi included for anyone who doesn’t eat fish.

Teriyaki chicken… This is my passion.

Extreme focused behavior like this makes one an expert with the specific dish, because of the frequency of enjoying. I can tell anyone, therefore, where to find the best teriyaki chicken in the Santa Rosa, California area…

And I just found it last night at Sushi to Dai for.

My test for the best? When I overeat.

How often do I over eat in a year? About three or four time.

I’m constantly battling with my body to not be as fat as it wants to be. If my body had its way, we’d be gaining about a pound a week. So, I live on my scale, I push food away, I exercise regularly, and I rarely, rarely overeat.

This means that I’m going to have to be very careful how often I go to Sushi to Dai for, but I will return, because “Sushi to Dai” for create teriyaki chicken to die for!

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